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2 hours trip: kayaking + snorkeling 30 min

Watching the ocean world from the surface!

Kayaks trip with snorkeling in south of Fuerteventura



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2 hours trip: kayaking along the picturesque

rocky coast in the South of Fuerteventura.











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2 hours trip: 1 hour lesson + 1 hour free

Discount for couples -38,25 per person.

The area of our work from La Lajita to Morojable

 No previous experience required!

Diving activities






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Try dives 20 or 40 min

Scuba diving courses for all levels.

The area of our work from La Lajita to Morojable





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Freediving for beginners and AIDA courses.

Learn how to hold your breath longer.

The area of our work from La Lajita to Morojable





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Enjoy 50 min of guided snorkeling 

on a volcanic reef of La Lajita.

The area of our work from La Lajita to Morojable

 No previous experience required!

Kayaking trips


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By request

Insurance Included


For each client

Free Pick Up


In the South Fuerteventura

Professional Guide


Licensed instructor


Photo camera
Insurance Included
Free pick up
professional guide
Kayaking and snorkeling
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How to make a booking - Kayaking Fuerteventura


After clicking the button "Book Now" you will be offered to fill in a brief form. First, you select the tour, then you write down your hotel or exact adress of your apartment in the South of Fuerteventura where we will pick you up. Some more details will be needed to fill out. Then you start the payment procedure. And the booking is made! You get a confirmation email with all booking information.



We started our company  in Tenerife in 2013 as a dive center. We were passionate for snorkeling and

scuba diving and turned it into our job. A few years later we decided to launch kayak tours and had a great success. Since then,

we offer both scuba diving and kayaking activities. In 2019 we discovered the exotic beauty of Fuerteventura island and

opened our school in the Southern coast of it.  Our team consists of professional scuba diving instructors,

each is a licensed rescue specialist and kayak instructor.

We give briefing in English, Spanish, German, Polish, French and Russian.

Our office is located on the beach of La Lajita where we start the kayak excursions from.

Ekaterina & Martin

Our club in la Lajita






Наша Команда

Our Team

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About Our Kayak Center

About diving TENERIFE

About kayaking TENERIFE

Tenerife - Scuba Diving and Kayaking


Our second location in the Canary islands is in Tenerife. There we arrange kayaking, scuba diving and snorkeling trips. After your kayak tour in Fuerteventura, you will get a membership card that gives you a special price for our services on both islands. Discover the marine world of the Canaries with our dive and kayak center Atlantis!

How to make a booking

About kayaking

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Fuerteventura - Kayaking and Scuba Diving


We arrange memorable kayak tours in the South of Fuerteventura. You can choose between the tours that include kayaking only or combine kayaking and snorkeling. Both tours start from La Lajita beach and go by the route that leads you along a picturesque area. Book the tour right now and get your best adventure in Fuerteventura!

Our Services

Free pick up in the South of Fuerteventura


As a courtesy to our clients, we arrange free transport in the touristic areas of the South of Fuerteventura. Whether you stay in a hotel or an apartment, we will send a minivan to pick you up. So you don't need to worry how to reach our kayak school if you don't have a rented car. In case you do have a car, you can just put in the comments that you will come on your own.

For the kayak tours we pick up for free in the following areas of the South of Fuerteventura: Morro Jable, Solana Matorral, Piedras Caidas, Esquinzo, Jandía, Costa Calma, La Lajita, Tarajalejo, Gran Tarajal.

If you stay in the North, you can also book our kayaking trip and come in your car, we will send you our exact location by email.

If you stay in an apartment, please indicate in the booking form the exact adress of your apartment complex: house number, street and town. At the appointed time, please, wait outside of your building.

Our kayak school and team


We launched our school in 2013 in Tenerife. First, we offered only scuba diving and snorkeling tours. Our team got quickly formed by professional diving instructors that helped us to develop fast and intensively. With getting more experience in water sports in Tenerife, we got an idea to start also kayak tours. It turned out to be a very good idea, as it became very demanded in just a few months. Our instructors extended their qualifications and now they are not only experienced scuba dive instructors but also helpful and confident kayak guides. That's why our clients always feel safe being accompanied by our guides.

In 2019 we decided to make the next step and opened another school in Fuerteventura. This island is very much different from Tenerife and it opened new doors to us. We discovered the splendid coastline in the South of Fuerteventura and chose it for our location. We opened the school in la Lajita as it is the only place in the South of Fuerteventura where you can see wonderful cliffs and do snorkeling in the rocky landscapes that always offer much richer marine life than sandy beaches.

Our kayak center Atlantis is situated in the heart of La Lajita, Canarian village, just by the sea. It's very close to Costa Calma and Morro Jable. We offer free pick up on the whole Southern coast of Fuerteventura. Our office is well equipped to get the briefing, to change and leave the belongings before the tour. Then we head to our store, that is in 200 meters from the office. It's located straight on the beach. There we put on the vests, take kayaks out and start the adventure.